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Phallus impudicus

29th September 2010

The Common Stinkhorn is a curious thing to find but I can accept that it is one of many strange and unexpected things in the bushes behind the greenhouse.
It generally prefers locations rich in wood debris and I think it has been enjoying the stumps of some Leyland Cypress that I cut down to make space for the greenhouse - I simply didn't have the energy to remove the stumps so I built benches over them and pretended they weren't there. This is my reward.
Perhaps it is just a coincidence but the only other fruiting bodies I have seen were also growing on the stump of a Leyland.
The mushroom is rather pungent and unfortunately it matured among the Nerine just as they came up to flower but it is a fascinating thing and I wasn't prepared to discourage it.

31st October 2015