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Philodendron selloum

18th October 2008

Philodendron selloum is a terrestrial , trunk forming species (for the most part - the species now includes those non stem forming plants that were once called Philodendron bipinnatifidum). It has a distribution from south east Brazil, to Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. Some forms (presumably those from the south of the range) are fairly cold tolerant, though a friend in a rather warmer garden than mine (further south and west) has killed it outside repeatedly.
This is a group of plants at the now defunct Phoenix Gardens, and one of them came home with me, and is sheltering in the conservatory. If it is as tough as Monstera deliciosa I will be quite delighted.

22nd May 2009

In the conservatory it has survived the coldest winter we have had for a while without ever looking unhappy, though it was well protected from radiation frost.

27th September 2013

In 2009 I moved it out into a cold greenhouse. It hasn't exactly prospered but that is because I have been nervous or repotting it in case it fails to make new roots and the whole mess becomes wet and stagnant. In the end I goit fed up with my own timidity and this is the repotted result. It may look a bit less impressive, but the leaves are twice the size they were and are being produced vigorously.

9th January 2015