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Phoenix canariensis

31st January 2008

The Canary Island date palm makes a quite unique tree in the landscape, although there aren't any mature ones in the immediate locality. When I moved here 25 yrs ago, I was outside the CIDP 'line' (they were not hardy here). In the subsequent decades the CIDP line has moved, and this has inspired me to plant a hedge of them along the north boundary, and with luck I will get to see them looking magnificent!
This plant grows on a roundabout in Falmouth, and has been there for about 12 years , so they move quite fast when they are suited.

17th January 2014

Grand plans and all that. None of the plants outside survived the string of cold winters that followed.
I should have learnt a lesson, but here we go again. It helps that I was able to buy these couple of seedlings for a matter of pennies at the end of the season. At present I have repotted them and stood them in the greenhouse, they will grow larger, present problems and who knows what will happen after that.