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Pieris 'Flaming Silver'

16th October 2013

Pieris again - what can I say. I thought it was all over when I dug up all the large plants (to open up an overgrown path) and moved them. In the process I lost all the labels and thought it didn't matter. Lovely evergreen shrubs with white flowers and red new growth, enough said. Naturally they all prospered. There is nothing like labouring all day to move a large shrub to engrain it on your attention.
After a lot of groaning, and a fair bit of pushing things up the hill I was starting to miss the labels. What can I say, I thought it was all over and I was wrong.
So I spent some time convincing myself I could identify them all retrospectively with the assistance of a good collection of old photographs and a decent reference. We all have these delusions tucked in the darker corners of our ego. It turns out not to be true though experience suggests I will not learn anything significant from that.
So I have a lot of anonymous shrubs, an attraction to the genus and I keep banging my head against a wall. Time to start again.
This summer I have repeatedly dipped my toes back into the water and 'Flaming Silver' is one of the consequences. Growing in a pot, I will see what it does for a few years before I look for a space in the garden.

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