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Pinus bhutanica

13th January 2014

An elegant pine from Bhutan and possibly adjacent parts of China and India. Close to Pinus wallichiana but with longer, bluer and more pendulous needles.
I grew a seedling P.wallichiana for a while because it has a good reputation and I had a space, but I wasn't overly impressed. It was a bit ragged when young and it was not helped by its surroundings (a few metres away from the bonfire). It turns out it is also very flammable.
I was given a young plant of P.bhutanica two years ago with beautiful foliage, and like so many grafted pines it has been very reluctant to grow upwards. I keep hoisting it up this ridiculous stake in the hope that it will eventually get the idea. It may become a tree of great beauty or remain a twisted runt tied to a stick.
Time will tell.

16th December 2018

I want it to grow upwards, it wants to grow sideways (one of the problems with grafted conifers). Negotiations continue.