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Pinus radiata


I planted these three trees in 1987. I had them sitting around in pots, so I planted them out to shade out some brambles, never thinking they would get this big. I have now decided that I would rather have some Magnolias planted here, so of course I planted them and have spent a year hoping the pines would simply evaporate.

Didn't happen!

Finally, I realised I was going to have to do something about it, and down they came. (I still have the really big ones that act as a windbreak for the garden - these were just a moments reckless planting when I was young).

Fortunately, nothing important got squashed in the process.

Live and learn. Try to correct your mistakes before they reach 30 feet. Stand well back.

I cut three down, but I still have some beautiful trees of Pinus radiata.

Rather like awkward teenagers at a party, they cluster around the edges breaking wind.

27th November 2010

As they mature they have become the best windbreaks around the margin of the garden.