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Pinguicula longifolia ssp longifolia

I think that this is the most beautiful and unexpected of the Pinguiculas. It grows in the Pyrenees on both sides of the border. I have only seen it on the French side. The Spanish populations are said to less accessible.

Plants in this population were very variable. All had large showy flowers, but the shade of purple and the size of the white throat varied widely. The dark rock has a film of spring water running down it , and supports a population of Pinguiculas. The pale rock is dry as dust, and does not.

Plants that I have seen of Pinguicula longifolia in cultivation have all been P.l.longifolia. It prospers under fairly ordinary Pinguicula conditions, but seems to do best with some slight warmth through the winter.

11th May 2013

2nd May 2015