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Pleione Bromo

Archive entry 20.03.22

15th April 2013

Pleione yunnanensis x P. x confusa registered by Ian Butterfield in 1998.
During the last couple of decades a number of species of Pleione have become available from China and and are being incorporated in breeding programmes to explore the potential for new characters among the hybrids.
Breeding with the yellow P. x confusa and P. formosana produced some success in the Shantung grex but the potential of new species combinations has reinvigorated the search for yellow hybrids.
P. Bromo produces plants with pale pink, apricot and pale yellow flowers with reddish spots and long, well fringed lips. I hoped for one of the yellows but it flowered pale pink. Now I'm looking for another clone. This very soft pink colour is inherited from P.yunnanensis.

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