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Pleione formosana 'Polar Sun'

18th April 2015 8th April 2023
One of the first white flowered forms of P. formosana to be cultivated, given a name by R. M. Adey.
In the 1961 Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society he wrote:

"Mature pseudobulbs coloured similarly to 'Blush of Dawn', but no lilac at root origin. Shape more flattened and less conical at apex, invariably smaller than the above ('Blush of Dawn'). Leaf sheaths and bract pale green.Pedicel very short. Dorsal sepal broad, overhanging labellum nslightly, lateral sepal very broad, petals only slightly reflexed, very wide. Peatals and sepals pure white, noticeably wider and shorter than other clones. Labellum white with canary yellow spots on disc. Lamellae two, extending midway across the disc.
This is possibly the best of the two white varieties in cultivation, and is the only one commercially available. It has a poorer constitution than the others, but it is an exceptionally beautiful plant."


  • R. M. Adey in the Journal of the R.H.S. (Vol.86, 1961).