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Pleione formosana 'Rossini'

9th April 2015 17th April 2018 20th April 2021
This is a recently named clone of P. formosana that is said to produce two flowers on each flower stem which would make it very distinctive if they didn't all do that when growing well. Hmmm!
Raised at Kwekerij de Schullhorn in Holland, released to the trade in 2011. It is vigorous and reliable, released at the same time as 'Verdi' and 'Vivaldi'.
The description in the RHS orchid register says:

"Pseudobulbs large, to 4cm diameter, oblate. Flower stems 2 per pseudobulb, each bearing 1–2 blooms so that each pseudobulb bears 3 blooms, stem length 5–9cm, bracts spathiform, pink. Flower natural spread 6–7.5cm. Sepals warm pink (Red-purple N74B-C), 4.3–5cm x 1.1–1.3cm wide. Petals warm pink, same colour as sepals, 4.3–5.2cm x 1.1–1.55cm wide, apex rounded to acute. Lip 4.4–4.6cm long, tube 3.3–3.5cm long, opening often taller than wide, margin fimbriate to denticulate, fimbriae coarse, 1–2mm; colour pale pink (Red-purple Group 65C-D), with blotches and lines a little darker, and darker than clone 1; callus of 5 ridges as clone 1. Column white, winged below apex."