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Pleione formosana Variegated

Archive entry 25.04.19

20th March 2011 2nd May 2013 12th April 2017
There are a couple of variegated forms of Pleione formosana. This one came from Akerne Orchids in Belgium and produces pale yellowish streaks through the leaf rather like Convallaria majalis 'Albostriata'.
There is another with a thin white margin to the leaf, distributed by Shikoku Gardens in Japan (still looking for that one).
As a friend remarked (once I had handed over the money) 'looks like virus to me', and indeed it does. I checked with Akerne Orchids and they have seen no sign of it spreading to other plants so if it is caused by a virus it may not be very mobile. The yellow streaks have been variable in the years I have had it.
Flowering very late in 2013 after an unusually cold March. It is vigorous.

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