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Pleione forrestii

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7th February 2008 28th April 2012 25th March 2015
A famous Chinese species that is now available thanks to the wonders of modern propagation. My plant grows rather weakly, and I certainly don't have conditions right yet, but it has flowered this year, so I think it is moving forward rather than backward. I think this is a white form of the species (it was sold to me as yellow). I'm not having much success keeping them past a couple of years so if I try again I will be using a much moister mix in the growing season.

4th April 2019 14th March 2020 27th March 2021
I have a short history with P. forrestii extending back to 2008. I buy them, they flower and then die. 2008, 2012, 2015 and now 2019 represent my triumphs of optimism over experience. Looking at the sequence it is clear that is takes me about four years to get over the disappointment of death and convince myself that I really can do it this time. Third time lucky? No. it turns out it wasn't.
A fourth try might be seen as foolishness, as faith in the value of experience or as a demonstration of courageous perseverence in the face of difficulty. The truth is that I probably just had some cash in my pocket when I was offered the pseudobulb. I am convinced (as I always am) that I understand what I have been doing wrong. I am confident that I have learned something useful from my mistakes. This is my fourth plant of .P. forrestii, my fourth confident venture into unknown territory and if it doesn't work I should really accept defeat and move on.
If the next entry on this page comes in 2024 you will know that I have learned nothing. And 2028 will be an anniversary of some sort!