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Pleione Glacier Peak

Archive entry 02.04.23

20th April 2010 12th April 2017 27th March 2019
P. formosana x P. grandiflora raised by Ian Butterfield and registered in 2001.
A very pretty first generation hybrid that has good flower shape and size. My clone is almost white (there is the suggestion of a blush in the tepals) but there are some pale lilac ones about as well.

2nd March 2020 12th April 2022 20th April 2023
I bought three bulbs of a new clone from Jacques Amand at the AGS show in Theydon Bois. Pleione (formosana alba x grandiflora). I don't know if they are all the same clone or if there are differences. They are much more vigorous than my original clone.