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Pleione Piton

Archive entry 30.03.14

18th April 2013

Pleione formosana x yunnanensis raised by Ian Butterfield and registered in 1986.
Pleione have a tendency to pinkness that borders on obsession. It is a recalcitrant habit that modern breeders are attempting to break using the best of modern technology and repeated sex with Pleione forrestii. Pinkness, however, remains the dominant theme of the genus.
The ebb and flow of rosiness through the genus starts to resemble the gentle hum of a summer day. Part the buzzing of bees and part the distant sound of traffic. It slips below the threshold of perception. P. Piton stands above that, head and shoulders above it. Quite literally.
It represents the perfection of the breeders hopes. A blend of the best characteristics of the two parents. It has large flowers thanks to the influence of P. formosana and the soft colour, open faced flower and upright stance of P.yunnanensis. It is an old but very interesting grex.
This clone has a smooth pink effect like the taste of pink blancmange. It is also vigorous and floriferous and has become a favourite of mine.

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