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Pleione Quizapu 'Peregrine'

Archive entry 24.03.19

18th April 2013 27th March 2019
P. Rakata x P. Matupi. Raised by Ian Butterfield and registered in 1990.
A strange little plant with a wealth of plangent pink in its ancestry, yet managing to reflect a touch of soft yellow from P. x confusa.
I first saw the plant in the background of a television report from one of the RHS shows. As ever, the report involved a lot of wittering and very little useful information (yes I know, pot, kettle etc). This shy nodding blushed apricot flower was the outstanding thing in the picture and it took some time to find out what it was. This year I was able to buy one from Ian Butterfield and it has been as good as I remembered.