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Pleione Shantung 'Ducat'

5th April 2013

P. formosana x P. x confusa raised by D. Harberd and registered in 1977.
When David Harberd first produced the grex he was trying to combine the yellow flowers of P. x confusa with the easy going habits of P. formosana. A number of clones were named from the original cross that were all fairly vigorous, but only this one had the desired yellow colour. It was a thing of astonishing wonder at the time, and it still is. In 1983 I was offered a seedling of the grex with pink flowers, for 25. I declined the offer. At the time 'Ducat' was not available commercially but was starting to circulate among enthusiasts with good contacts and deep pockets.
Time flows by (like an incomprehensible river of sludge) and I have finally bought myself a pseudobulb. This is still one of the best yellow hybrids produced.

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