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Ponerorchis graminifolia

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20th July 2008 21st August 2009 3rd September 2009 3rd July 2021
A Japanese terrestrial orchid that has become a cult plant in Japan, with selections in various colours and patterns selling for high prices. Mine is just one of the cheap rejects that get dumped on the ignorant Europeans (and speaking as one of the aforementioned ignorant Europeans , I am very pleased to have them!).
I don't think my original plant has made it through the winter, and I have bought a couple of others which shows something of the variability of the species.
Despite flowering the species occasionally, I still don't grow it successfully for long and depend on a supply of new plants to kill. The next thing I am going to try is keeping it much warmer during the crucial spring growth season (assuming that I can obtain plants to try with , my most recent acquisitions are all dead now).