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Polygonatum odoratum 'Chollipo'

A selection of P.odoratum var. pluriflorum from South Korea. A sturdy form with brown-purple stems and solitary flowers in the leaf axils. I have only grown it for a single season, so I don't know yet how well it will perform in the garden.

I got it from Tony Avent at Plant Delights Nursery. His catalogue entry says:

"This selection of P.odoratum var. pluriflorum is from the Taean Peninsula near the famed Chollipo Arboretum in South Korea (the one without nukes). P.odoratum 'Chollipo' makes an 18" tall clump of arching stems that are colored reddish purple. The thick green leaves are a nice backdrop to the white flowers in April/May, usually dangling solitarily below the leaves. In fall, the flowers are replaced by large, attractive black fruit."

8th April 2006

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