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Polypodium cambricum 'Cristatum'

4th October 2018 25th November 2020 14th September 2022
A crested form of thew Welsh Polypody that I bought from Cotswold Garden Flowers. It was slow to get away, but has grown strongly in the last two years.
Martin Rickard sayS:

" 'Cristatum' syn 'Cristatum Old Form', 'Cristatum Perry', 25cm (10in), was found in 1854 by H. S. Perryin County Cork, Eire. The pinnae and the frond tip all carry smallish, curled crests. Frequently the crest at the frond tip is slightly depauperate lacking small pieces of lamina and having an extended spike of midrib at some tips. The terminal crest is usually narrower than the frond lamina. Rare."


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