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Polypodium vulgare aggregate

The Common Polypody grows all over walls and trees around the garden, so it is no surprise that it occurs in the garden. It is especially pleasing to find it growing so vigorously on the bark of the garden trees, especially the ones that I have planted myself.
There are three Polypodium species growing in Cornwall and three hybrids. P. cambricum is known as a lime lover and occurs in a few locations around the coast but it is very unlikely to occur naturally in my garden. The other five are only distinguishable reliably with a microscope and are referred to as the P. vulgare aggregate. I have one of them growing in the garden, or perhaps I have all five. I have no idea.
My current best quess is that this is P. interjectum but it's a guess, not a well informed conclusion.

19th January 2009

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