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Prunus 'Hally Jolivette'

1st May 2006

I got it as a small cutting many years ago, and it has prospered in the front garden. There are a few cherries that prosper here, and this has been my favourite. Humidity, rain and canker have damaged a lot of the traditional Japanese Cherries.

8th April 2007

8th April 2007

7th April 2008

18th April 2010

This pretty tree was raised by Karl Sax, who was Director of the Arnold Arboretum between 1946 and 1954.
In the 1940's he made a series of crosses between P. subhirtella and P. x yedoensis and then backcrossed the progeny with P. subhirtella. He selcted one of the resulting trees and named it after his wife.