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Prunus laurocerasus Variegated

Archive entry 22.04.12

19th April 2012

An erratic variegated form of the Cherry Laurel. I was given a rooted cutting (a very long time ago) and planted it out in the garden as part of the first layout. Eventually it was crowded out by overgrown conifers and as it slowly expired I kept meaning to take cuttings but put it off for one year too long and thought it had gone when I dug out the dead stump. I had forgotten that I had rooted cuttings from it many years previously and lined them out to 'grow on'. I don't know what I was growing them on for, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
A year or two ago I was thrashing around in an overgrown corner, filled with grand ideas about new woodland plantings, when I was hit in the face by a long leafy shoot that I initially thought had been decorated by a seagull.
In the event I was doubly delighted by the truth.

9th March 2017