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Primula allionii 'Cissie'

Archive entry 02.03.14
Archive entry 25.02.24

A vigorous pinkish selection of the species (which grows in a small area on the French-Italian border on shady limestone cliffs where the water seeps down). Strangely it will tolerate life in a pot for many people. I have failed repeatedly, though I think I have made different mistakes each time. It has been with me for a couple of years this time so it is possible that I have started to exhaust the opportunities for stupidity, or it may all be down to luck.

Philip Bankhead at Peninsula Primulas says:

"This is a truly lovely and strong growing variety. It flowers early (February), and the foliage can be completely hidden by the masses of pale pink flowers. Cold greenhouse culture is needed."

15th April 2013

17th March 2018 4th March 2021 16th February 2023


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