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Pyrrosia sheareri

23rd February 2006

A had a little bit of a Lepisorus moment a few years back (actually, to be honest , it was more of a Pyrrosia moment, the Lepisorus just got carried along in their wake). As a result, I have a few plants with names that I had never heard before growing slowly into unknown ferns .
The Szechuan ribbon fern grows fronds from slender surface rhizomes that have scattered sunken patches of spores on the undersides. Currently, I have a leaf or two!

17th November 2012

It has grown incredibly slowly and I am not sure I have the growing conditions right. I keep it moist through the summer and allow it to dry off a bit in winter. I have a feeling that it would prefer a richer drier soil but I am frightened of making any changes!
One indication that conditions are not really to its liking is the leaf shape and size. It has never reproduced the long narrow leaves that it had when it arrived.

9th November 2014

As it has matured and I have kept it drier, it has become clear that this isn't Lepisorus bicolor. It seems to be Pyrrosia sheareri and that is where I am recording it in future!

1st January 2018