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Ramonda myconii

Archive entry 21.05.06

11th May 2006

This is possibly my favourite of the hardy Gesneriads. It is a beautiful thing, but it is also tough and slow enough growing to be precious. Unfortunately, one consequence is that I take far too many photographs, and find it very difficult not to include then here. I grow it in a pot, because it likes to dry out a bit through the end of summer, but it is completely hardy.

29th May 2006

11th May 2006

16th May 2006

21st June 2006

21st May 2006

25th May 2006

20th June 2006

This very pale flowered plant has been a joy. I am hoping that it will produce similar seedlings - now all I need to do is sort out a reliable way of growing it from seed. it germinates without any problem, but the babies are so slow growing that it is difficult to protect them from invading weeds, like tiny little mosses or bubbling algae and liverworts. (I have a new strategy for next year, so I might manage it!)

12th May 2007

11th May 2008