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Rhododendron 'Goldflimmer'

Archive entry 05.06.11

19th June 2011

Variegated Rhododendron are an odd group. It is difficult to consider any of them as beautiful. Even without flowers they are too complicated. I appreciate this one, but I couldn't claim to love it.
It is a German selection of either R.ponticum or R.catawbiense (opinion is divided and I couldn't care less). Currently growing under a Eucalyptus, I think it will have to be found a new space shortly.

12th June 2013

Up it came, trundled up the garden in a wheelbarrow and plonked in where the plan dictated (if you were to suggest that the plan is determined by how far up the hill I am prepared to push a wheelbarrow you would not be far wrong). It has established and flowered without a hitch.

5th July 2014