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Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

21st May 2006

Among the dross and detritus of rose breeding fashion, there have always been a few great characters that transcend style. This one has been welcome in the garden for many years, and will be for many to come. The tiny yellow flowers burst out when spring is still unsullied by summery senility, and are gone with graceful tact before there is any chance of them showing up the raucous blowsiness of the bedding roses.

22nd April 2007

22nd April 2007

22nd May 2009

1st May 2011

27th May 2012

11th May 2017

Sadly this was the year that the conservatory was removed and with it came the rose that was holding up one corner. I'm sure I will replace it, though I'm not so sure where it will go.