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Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'

13th June 2006

A great shrub with waving arms that call down cerise stars from the summer sky. I really love this. Every winter the bugger spikes me as I work around it.

22nd June 2007

20th June 2010

Rosa moyesii makes a tall shrub with long arching canes that are covered in small pale pink to red flowers in June coming from Sichuan in southwestern China. In cultivation it is known for the red flowers of the first introductions but they are not typical of the species in the wild.
'Geranium' is a particularly bright form selected by Brian Mulligan before 1937 at Wisley when he was assistant to the director. It is said to be a compact selection of the species but I have never been especially struck by its diminutive stature. Award of Merit in 1950 when exhibited in fruit.