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Roscoea cautleyoides 'Jeffrey Thomas'

21st June 2005

This form is now quite widely distributed, but my stock seems to be a rather poor thing. It is described as having a broad labellum that fades to creamy white. My plant is rather narrow in the general outline of the flower. The lateral petals hang down and curl slightly behind the lobes of the labellum, and so make no contribution to the display. It starts pale and remains pale. I am assuming that it has been raised from seed somewhere down the line and the seedlings have not been very effectively screened for trueness to type. I am currently collecting together plants from a range of sources to see what sort of variation there is. As the photo shows, it is barely distinct from the general Roscoea cautleyoides being distributed.

18th May 2006

29th May 2006

22nd May 2007

25th May 2007

24th May 2008

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