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Roscoea kunmingensis elongatobracteata

21st June 2005

Roscoea kunmingensis elongatobracteata is lilac to mauve flowered, the small undistinguished flowers obscured partially by the elongated bracts.

My picture, however, shows a large flowered yellow plant with moderate floral bracts. It was supplied to me in good faith, but it shows the sort of chaos that still exists in commercial stocks of Roscoeas.

This plant seems to be a form of R.cautleyoides, and flowered at the end of june, and then again on secondary growths at the end of august.

8th June 2006

7th June 2006

10th June 2007

7th July 2008

I also have this form, which is a closer match to the species, but it doesn't have the elongated bracts that give the subspecies its name.

23rd June 2018