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Roscoea tibetica

18th July 2007

Roscoea tibetica has recently been imported in quite large quantities from nurseries in China and as a consequence has become widespread in cultivation recently. It is a splendid little plant, and imports have arrived in a number of different forms bearing many wonderful and imaginative names. This picture shows a more or less typical form. There is a form recorded as "red" or R.yunnanense "red" which is perhaps slightly redder than this.

10th July 2005

This is the "red" form, which is attractive, and possibly indicates scope for further selection.

29th August 2005

This picture shows a group of seedlings approximately six months old, starting to flower in their first year. Approximately 60% produced flowers and then set viable seed before the end of their first season. The seed was produced by self pollination of the plant in the top picture, and the seedlings were remarkable for their uniformity.

12th September 2006

16th June 2006

8th August 2007

8th August 2007

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