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Salvia elegans 'Golden Delicious'

Archive entry 26.09.10
Archive entry 06.11.11

6th September 2009

This was an impulse purchase during the summer and it is the sort of impulse I am happy with. For many years the green leaved form was a favourite so I had to try this golden leaved plant.
Unfortunately I think the winter has killed it (or perhaps it was me, I let it get rather dry) but it might come back, or I might well replace it - I hadn't finished admiring it when the winter stepped in!

6th November 2011

Winter killed it as expected, and I replaced it when the chance arose. The new plant went straight into the herbaceous border and died in the winter of 2010-11. Salvia elegans has been a favourite plants since I was a teenager and I can't resist having another go.
This time I have it in a pot in the greenhouse, and as a result I now have some flowers to show. I will root some cuttings if I still have it in the spring and give it another testing time outside. If I lose it for a third time, I should really accept defeat and move on. Hmmm.... might happen.