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Sarracenia (minor x oreophila)

A hybrid that is only produced artificially. Those that I have seen have retained much of the elegance of S.minor, with hoods arching over the pitcher mouth, and a coppery colouration. They have benefitted from the tendency of S.oreophila hybrids to have very large, wide pitchers and lids. No doubt it would be possible to use one of the very large S.minor okefenokeensis forms to produce a real monster.
The parents both flower at the same time, so the hybrid is very easy to produce. If it is uncommon, it is only because of the occasional reluctance of S.minor to flower, and the rarity of S.oreophila of flowering size ( a situation that is rapidly changing!).

  • Sarracenia (minor x oreophila) H-60-AP
  • Sarracenia (minor x oreophila) H-256-IF
  • Sarracenia (minor x oreophila) SX-20-AS