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Sarracenia x formosa

Sarracenia (minor x psittacina)

A typical small S.psittacina hybrid that occurs sporadically in Georgia and northern Florida, where the parents meet.
Small, stiff pitchers form distinctive cartwheel rosettes of deeply hooded, often rather distorted pitchers, with deep red/purple colour.
In cultivation they are interesting, tidy growers, but it is difficult to see any great point to them. The hybrid doesn't seem to add anything very significant to the range of variation available from the parents. Perhaps at some point an interesting and unique characteristic will be uncovered, and I will happily eat my words (but make sure the meters not running while you wait!).

  • Sarracenia x formosa H-39-AP
  • Sarracenia x formosa Anthocyanin free form H-47-MK
  • Sarracenia x formosa H-117-PW
  • Sarracenia x formosa SX-59B-AS