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Sarracenia (oreophila x rubra)

Sarracenia rubra has small, narrow pitchers, and it tends to pass the characteristic on to its hybrids.
Sarracenia oreophila often introduces breadth to its hybrids, so the combination has potential to produced some perfectly average hybrids, and that potential has been abundantly realised!
Eventually, something really striking will emerge from the mediocrity.

The natural distributions of the two species do not meet, so the hybrid does not occur in the wild, though there are occasional rumours of S.rubra jonesii occurring within the range of S.oreophila, these seem to be a matter of mis-identification.

  • Sarracenia (oreophila x rubra jonesii) H-17-JJ
  • Sarracenia (oreophila x rubra alabamensis) H-233-AC
  • Sarracenia (oreophila x rubra East Coast) SX-69a-AS