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Sarracenia x gilpinii

Sarracenia (psittacina x rubra)

A hybrid that occurs naturally - the two parents (at least in the form of S.rubra gulfensis) meet occasionally in the Florida panhandle. You know how it goes. Get together for a date, bore eachother rigid over a second rate meal, have sex anyway. Leave your phone switched off for a week so you don't have to talk about it. Hope you don't bump into eachother socially.
The hybrid is much as expected. Pitchers with rather predictably distorted hoods through the influence of S.psittacina, and often rather spindly in spring as a result of the S.rubra parentage. The sort of pairing that happens when the circumstances are not particuarly auspicious, and that leaves you wondering why you bothered.
Rather like having a school teacher at a birthday party. It's a learning opportunity that won't be taken!

  • Sarracenia x gilpinii Anthocyanin Free Form H-65-AP
  • Sarracenia x gilpinii 'Hummers Hammerhead' H-83-KC
  • Sarracenia x gilpinii 'Hummers Hammerhead' H-101-MK