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Sarracenia oreophila O-1-TS

2nd August 2006

Centre, Cherokee County, Alabama.

The populations of Sarracenia oreophila in north-eastern Alabama are often referred to as the "Sand Mountain" population, taking their name from the Sand Mountain Plateau. The species is only infrequently found in the Sand Mountain Plateau at a few locations(35 reported over 3 counties) in seepage bogs on hillsides, so it is probable that the various locations are reproductively isolated from eachother and that slight differences have emerged over time.

6th May 2007

29th May 2007

My plants from Centre all seem to have rather upright lids, the midrib of the pitcher (the back) follows a single smooth curve from mid height on the pitcher through to the tip of the lid.

7th October 2007

16th July 2008

5th July 2009