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Sarracenia oreophila O-6-AS

2nd July 2006

A perplexing plant. It produces attractively veined pitchers, and looks just like Sarracenia oreophila, except for the flowers.

7th October 2007

The plant shows the strong seasonal pattern of growth of the species, and produces plenty of phyllodes, though they are possibly rather erect and straight in this plant.

15th May 2008

The red colour in the petals, and on the back of the sepals strongly suggests that this is a hybrid of some sort. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has experience of the natural population in flower, who could comment on the occurrance of red tinges in the flowers. I have a couple of forms that show slight red colour in the flower (although nothing else on this scale).

5th July 2009

10th June 2010