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Schefflera arboricola

27th September 2007

Usually, when names change I have a momentary stumble, and then adapt, but this one keeps tripping me up. I have always known it as Heptapleurum arboricola, and although its move into the bosom of Schefflera is sensible, I still call it Heptapleurum and then correct myself.
A great houseplant,and like many familiar houseplants, quite cold tolerant. I have been growing it outside in this pot now for two years, and it is growing larger so recent warm winters have helped it. Previously I have killed it repeatedly outside (and a couple of times I have killed the variegated forms in the conservatory).

17th August 2008

I took pity on it this spring and moved it into the greenhouse - I don't think the temperatures are essential, but it gets waterered more reliably than it does by the front door (and there is no doubt it has appreciated it)!

20th September 2009

I have picked the wrong couple of years to try my luck with the more tender Schefflera. I think I have probably killed this one again - there is still time for a new shoot to burst from low down, but this isn't a species that usually obliges' If it looks dead, it probably is. It was happy enough in september, but it hasn't been a kind winter.