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Sinningia sellovii

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20th July 2008

When I was a young thing, working as a freelance pricker-out of all things germinated, I spent innumerable hours with a tiny stick, poking tiny holes into tiny pots of compost to accomodate the tiny seedlings of big fat Gloxinia hybrids. It has its fun moments, but they pass. Sinningia speciosa, the fat Gloxinia in question, is intolerant of cold and shows its intolerance by rotting invisibly from the bottom up. As a consequence I have rather neglected the other Sinningia species , which seems to have been a mistake.
This one comes from southern Brazil and Argentina, and has grown easily in full sun, and flowered for months on end. The tuber has come into the greenhouse for the winter, which I hope will preserve it safely until the spring sprouts from its starchy bosom.

10th July 2009

23rd October 2011