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Sinningia tubiflora

19th April 2007

I bought this from the Plant Delights in the USA because it has turned out to be much hardier there than expected. So far it has produced long and rather dull stems of leaves in the greenhouse but not a sign of a bud. It may be that it is adapting to its first year here, and will burst into white bloom next year (difficult to see much point in it if it doesn't).
I have just read that it needs very bright light to stay compact and bloom, which would explain its sterile straggle in the greenhouse, which is heavily shaded.

22nd November 2008

This year it went straight out into the greenhouse as soon as the shoots appeared, and the growth has been stronger and lusher as a result - clearly a lover of the sun. My, how it has grown. And all around me, growers have regaled me with tales of its marvellous flowering, its accommodating disposition etc. etc. Naturally, for me it has remained a tatty stack of lustre-less leaves and not a single flower has it squeezed from the summit of its stems. Couldn't you just scream!

1st August 2015