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Strelitzia nicolai

7th September 2008

I have a small seedling of the largest growing Strelitzia because I have heard that it may be one of the hardier species (from someone who knows about these things rather than just talks about them). I was resigned to a long wait.

30th November 2008

Then suddenly in a rush to clear stock before the winter struck, my local garden centre reduced the price of this one to a sufficiently ridiculous level for me to try the the equally ridiculous task of fitting it into my car and driving off with it. Standing in a large space, I was sure it would fit under the roof of the conservatory. I was right, I had an inch to spare!

19th April 2008

This is the plant flowering at Wisley. It grows substantially larger than my conservatory , so although I am safe for a year or so, I will have to rethink the strategem before long!

20th September 2009

Came through last winter in the conservatory. It wasn't happy, but it came through.

14th February 2010