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Taraxacum rubifolium

29th June 2011

There is some taxonomic confusion over this plant but this seems to be the correct spelling for the name. The plant was previously known as T.faeroense and comes from the marvellously exotic Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden... marvellously exotic so far...and France and the UK. Perhaps not so exotic. I have just found a reference in the Flora of Derbyshire.
Perhaps not so exotic in a wild frosty arctic circle way but it is a lovely plant with purple red rosettes and a dandelion on the top. I was surprised it grew so easily but the Flora of Derbyshire describes it as "probably the most widespread dandelion in Britain" so I am going to try it outside.
During the summer it produced masses of seed which drifted around the greenhouse. At the time I was happy to see it but perhaps it will become a serious weed.

24th April 2014

4th June 2016