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Tellima grandiflora

Archive entry 01.05.22

22nd May 2009

Somehow, this is the first time I have though to include this pretty North American. It is a pernicious weed with a stunning ability to resist herbicides and avoid being dug up. It is a monster. A very beautiful monster at times, but still a monster. Difficult to believe I actually bought it originally. Really, I paid money for it and everything. I have dug out thousands of plants in the wrong place. At the same cash value I would have composted several lifetimes income by now.
In theory this is the form 'Purpurea' but I have never once seen the 'purple-bronze' leaves that I was promised. At the time I was warned (by the seller, a kind and wise man) that it was an impossible weed. I should have listened.
But it is very pretty. Don't plant it.

15th May 2011

I have never seen a plant with purple leaves in my population, but I get a few with dark flowers. They all get weeded out if I get to them before they seed.

8th June 2013

Slipping across the meadow like the shadow of a terrible monster on the rampage but it isn't a shadow.
This is the terrible monster.

24th May 2018