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Trochodendron aralioides

11th August 2006

A wonderful evergreen with dull olive foliage and charisma by the bucketload. I love it dearly, and I once called it pug-ugly which is true, but does nothing to diminish its charm.

3rd January 2009

In winter it only takes a moment of low sun to fill it with a golden glow.

7th January 2010

It is a good plant that survives offensive weather without complaint. It is easy to overlook its simple charms, and it hasn't a single feature that makes it stand out. I like it, and it is really easy to be unkind about it. In 2002 I wrote:
"Trochodendron aralioides started 20 years ago as a two foot mound of dull leaves, but after two decades it has now become a towering four foot mound of dull leaves.
The only highlight is the new growth in spring, bursting from the pink tinged buds, a little thrill of excitement, much like getting the washing in just before it rains, or seeing a brown cow in a field of Friesians."
It's about five feet now.

2nd December 2017