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Tupistra aurantiaca 'BSWJ 2401'

Also called Campylandra aurantiaca, arrived this morning. Quite fascinating.

Rohdea is a barely known genus of leafy delights, and Tupistra is its less well known cousin.

I love the comfortable arching clumps of leaves, and it has been vigorous and divided freely. Introduced to cultivation in 1994 by Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones from Sikkim.

7th May 2006

8th April 2007

It has grown well for me in the same moist shady conditions that the Rohdea like and flowered well, but it hasn't set seed yet. I have just obtained a little friend for it, that I hope is a different clone, in case it needs that special encouragement that only a toy-boy can offer!

13th April 2008

A picture of the flowers showing the golden colour for which it is named.