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Typhonium venosum

Archive entry 05.06.16

26th April 2008

When I was young (that period when pocket money played a greater part in my life than sex) I used to buy corms of the Voodoo Lily from Woolworths and sit them on a windowsill where they would sometimes flower without further attention. It was unusual behavior, but it didn't inspire me to grow Colchicum for example, which will do the same! This one is offensively smelly, and that was the major attraction.
In recent years I have grown a lot of tuberous aroids and so it seemed only right to revisit this old friend, now grown terribly trendy again, though far less easily available.

7th June 2009

30th May 2010

15th May 2011

The time has come to grasp the nettle and accept that Sauromatum has been absorbed into Typhonium, change the name and be done with it. It's not so difficult. The first corms I bought in Woolworths were labelled 'Arum'.

4th June 2016