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Vanda "Tamar View"

Archive entry 26.08.07
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16th December 2006

I don't grow Vandas. I mean, I am quite reckless, but really.... This poor thing is wintering on the windowsill in the hope that I can keep it going through the winter. I have no idea of the colour - it was marked down at Tamar View Nursery, and I bumped into it on a reckless day. This may easily be its first and last appearance on these pages, unless global warming moves us to the sub-tropics in the next three or four months, and flowers are rather less likely than flying pigs...and hope springs eternal... and orchis is latin for testicle, so bollocks!

2nd September 2007

I am astonished that it has not only survived, but flowered. There hasn't been a great deal of new growth, but some slow progress has been made.

24th October 2008

Flowering for the second year running. I doubt it will flower next year, because I left it in the greenhouse too long in autumn, and it got a chill, but hopefully not a fatal chill.