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Viburnum plicatum 'Lanarth'

11th May 1999

I have just digitised some older pictures from the garden and that's my only excuse for showing this picture of Viburnum 'Lanarth'. At this point it had been in for about 10 years and it has always been free flowering.

29th May 2006

A vigorous shrub with horizonal arms, crusted in their season with white flowers, like meringue on top of a pie.

24th May 2008

7th May 2011

It is now about 12 feet tall and getting difficult to photograph. It is in a fairly congested corner of the garden so I end up standing underneath it and pointing the camera straight up which doesn't result in good pictures. I am slowly clearing shrubs and trees from the area so it is now possible to see it from a little distance away.

30th May 2014

8th May 2019