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Vinca minor 'Argenteovariegata'

4th April 2006

Good variegated foliage - it adds interest at a detailed level without distracting from the plants attractiveness on a larger scale. Pale blue-purple flowers through winter and early spring.

11th April 2010

It is a good plant for growing under shrubs. This one has been growing here for decades and the shrubs growing over the top of it have come and gone, but somehow it remains. Vinca minor spreads vigorously and covers the ground but it can't really be considered as ground cover. It is not dense enough to prevent seedlings germminating and growing through it. I once weeded a large bed of it that was disappearing under a growth of Sycamore seedlings. In the end the only way was to dig the whole thing up and start again. Freshly dug clean ground is too precious to refill with Vinca so that was that.